About Evergy Energy Solutions

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Commercial Solar Services in the Kansas City Area

Looking for a trusted partner with a long-term track record to help your business, municipality or institution meet its big energy saving goals?  Evergy Energy Solutions knows the business of clean energy.  We are a non-regulated provider of commercial solar services, ranging from in-depth analysis, to design, engineering and installation. For over seven years, we’ve been helping clients in Kansas and Missouri create renewable energy systems of all sizes that help provide both clean energy and financial stability using innovative technology.

Who We Serve

Evergy Energy Solutions serves commercial solar services to non-residential clients in the Evergy service area. A division of your trusted energy utility, we provide clients with the peace of mind that their renewable energy needs are backed by a long-term provider that understands the business.

Commercial Solar for Government


Municipal departments and city-owned properties trust us to provide an understanding of what it takes to fulfill large-scale systems that fulfill their ambitious energy-saving and carbon offset goals.

Commercial Solar for Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

We understand the educational institutions strive to lead by example but also need to show results in their operating costs.

Commercial Solar for Recreational Facilities

Recreational Facilities

Clean energy systems that both offset the power consumption of big facilities and serve as a PR tool? Now that's a home run.

Commercial Solar for Commercial Businesses

Commerical Businesses

As a business owner, a renewable energy system can provide a lot more than stability to your bottom line – it can serve as one of your strongest marketing tools for your green initiatives.

Commercial Solar for Industrial Businesses

Industrial Businesses

Your industrial business is already an expert at what it produces, so why not also produce renewable energy? A solar system can make it cheaper to power your processes while also fulfilling the promise of a more sustainable product to your customers.

Commercial Solar for Non-Profit Organizations


As a non-profit organization, we know you are in it for the greater good. What better way to lead by example than to demonstrate how both environmental and economic sustainability can work hand-in-hand?

Services We Provide

We offer a range of services that can be either a cohesive process package or a la carte. No matter if it's a small solar canopy, a large-scale rooftop system, or a ground-mounted array, Evergy Energy Services knows you don't want a service provider that just rushes in and installs some panels — we work with you as a partner every step of the way.

Solar Analysis


Our team starts by getting to know you – whether you are driven by cost reduction or want to green your footprint, understanding your goals is key to our process. Next, we conduct a remote site review using industry-leading solar design software. Then, we match those insights against a financial analysis to make sure the numbers look good, enabling us to create an energy model tailored to you.


Remote Site Review

Feasibility Study

Financial Analysis

Energy Modeling

Policy or Regulatory Reviews

Solar Design and Engineering


The second phase of our process is a site walkthrough to verify our remote review. Our designers and engineers analyze your building's age, structure and roof to spot potential obstacles and evaluate your electrical connection points. We then identify the best solar components that will match your needs before finalizing a cost-per-watt proposal for you.


Site Walkthroughs

Full Solar Design and Engineering

Structural Analysis

Solar Equipment Identification

Solar Installation


Whether you choose a cash sale that you own or a service agreement with no upfront cost, you’ll get a turnkey installation that includes all costs, all permits, and all site management. Once we are done tightening every bolt, we’ll provide in-depth training on your system, including how to use the monitoring software that comes included.


All Materials and Labor Purchasing


Site Management

Project Management


Purchasing Options

Whether you are looking to own your system outright or take advantage of our hands-off service agreement with no upfront cost, Evergy Energy Solutions can create an economical solution that is carefully designed to meet the unique needs of your budget.

Purchasing options

Solar Service Agreements

Solar Service Agreement

If you are looking for immediate energy savings but don't want to pay the upfront costs to purchase solar, our Solar Service Agreements (SSAs) might be the perfect fit. With an SSA, we front all the cost and do all the work, as well as all the upkeep. You just pay your SSA monthly or annually and start generating your own power. Our agreements cover all maintenance, inspection and monitoring for a full 20-year term.

No Upfront Cost

All Maintenance and Service Covered

Annual Inspections and Reviews

Built-in Monitoring System

Purchasing options

Own it Outright

Purchase Commercial Solar

Want to own a solar array that is 100% yours after we flip the switch? Paying upfront might be right for you. You still get our turnkey installation service that includes all costs, all permits, and all site management, as well as a lifetime monitoring system. Once we have designed, installed, and trained you on your perfect setup, we hand over the reins.

You Own the Array After It's Energized

Lifetime Monitoring System and Updates

Optional Short-Term Maintenance and Service